Our Team

Direct solutions is fortunate to have a team of zealous individuals who like to be innovative all the time. This love for innovation makes them creative finders to every problem lying around the business model of their company.

Top Management

Arsalan Hyder, Managing Director and Director Operations
Arsalan Hyder has been an active and integral part of Direct Solutions since its inception. Apart from being the managing partner he is acting as Managing Director and Director Operations at Direct Solutions. He did his majors in Advertisement, PR and media management. He is responsible for directing operations, business development, international communication, advertising and marketing with international clients.

Zaheer Dodhia - Director Overseas Business Development
Zaheer is a results-driven professional with over 15 years of experience in Technology and E-Commerce business development, product management, marketing and corporate strategy. He is always able to isolate common issues and processes, analyze root causes and quantify impacts, and challenge assumptions. This approach has always yielded significant return on investment.

Kashif Ali Bhutto - PMP, Senior Project Manager - Digital Media & Ecommerce
Kashif, a certified Project Management Professional, heads the Digital Media and Project Management department of Direct Solutions. He earned his Masters degrees in Computer Science (Pakistan - SZABIST) and Information Systems (Australia - UNSW). Kashif is responsible for implementing, executing and maintaining the strategic alliances of the firm. His solid digital media experience along with the aptitude of project management are strongly complemented by his excellent education.


Our core team includes:

Software Developers
We are privileged to have such experienced and qualified developers who can develop software that can increase your business value and make you capable of serving your customers in the best possible way. They are among people who actually earn the experience. They are naturally gifted with skills of creating solutions for e-commerce that are user friendly and competitive within the global environment. No matter what is the caliber of software development problem you are dealing with, we have a solution.

Web Designers
Our ability to provide your website with ground-breaking design can help your sales figures to reach at record-breaking levels. We are facilitated by our best web designers whose creative functionality allows them to achieve the height of results that businessmen can only dream about.

Researchers and Editors
Direct Solutions employs multitalented and skillful researchers who are able to conduct systematic research online and offline efficiently and effectively so that clients needs are met in the most urgent, but sophisticated fashion. One of our core capabilities is to find the right consumer for the products offered by our immediate customers. Once the research is done, our team of editors become active to find any loop holes in done research and rectifying them in order to provide with cautiously refined solutions to our valued customers.

Customer Support Personnel
We have an admirable group of customer support personnel who are pleasingly able at communicating with others and, can efficiently handle all client and customer queries in a consenting method.

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