What We Offer

We can make you a part of the world of Internet Trade which is growing at an extraordinary pace. We provide you with services that equip you with immediate selling technique for your products.

Internet/Intranet Portal Development
We provide you with such web based applications which will stand out in a crowd. These applications are developed with a perspective of their in-house and out-house usage.

Web Advertising
Here is something we offer that can make your organization truly global and borderless. We educate the business world and the related about web advertising with our banner impressions, free site submission and link exchange.

Web Consulting
Our management and particularly our research team are always there to furnish you with an advice which can help your business in using ‘technology’ in a customized manner.

Web Design Service
The better you wrap it, the better you sell. With a growing confidence in this notion, it is critical to wrap your website content in a package that is aesthetically presentable. Direct Solutions can get your website that ‘wrapping’ and make it an effective marketing tool for your company. We provide you with web designs that constitute both critical characteristics of any website: innovation and user-friendliness. Our Web-Designing industry mates can provide you with a low-cost web design, but they can’t offer what we promise you for. Our promise to provide you with web-designs is supplemented with a promise to provide you with designs that are search engine friendly, e-commerce enabled and ensures your business’s success.

Web Marketing
Direct Solutions helps you to make your website containing flawless marketing material for your offerings. We provide your Internet Marketing Strategy with a new face in order to make your business growing. We focus on making you online by marketing you to the right target customers and making them aware with the purpose of your existence.

Web Programming
We are exceptionally proud of our qualified software programmers who create programs that are in demand. In order to live with this pride eternally, we constantly train our programmers so while remaining up-to-date with the latest technology; they continue to add value to the business of both, ours and our customers.

Web Research
Offering the product to the ‘right’ customer is decisive for firms to be successful. Our extensive Internet Research Department ensures that merchants are targeting the correct market and ultimately cashing their marketing efforts effectively.

Web Support
All-time online support has become crucial for the success of any business. The customer has graduated from calling in need of product support available in limited hours of the day to the level where he or she expects 24/7 service. Some best companies, unable to realize the need of providing web support for their products, have failed recently. Here we are, to avoid you becoming part of a list of such companies. We encompass expert customer support personnel to take care of your 24/7 web needs.

Web Training
We are a unique ecommerce solution provider to offer merchants’ online training to keep them up to the mark in dealing with their customers.

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