Custom Built Cloud-Based Applications

If you can dream up an application, we can make that dream a reality. The future success of your business will rely on instant access to information, from any location, at any time. Experiencing the future now requires harnessing the power of the World Wide Web to deliver real-time access to your data.

From accounting to project management to HR, all of the tasks that every business performs day-in and day-out can and should be automated, and the best way to go about that is by utilizing a web-based application. This way, whether you're on a plane over the skies of Hong Kong, or sitting on the beaches of Brazil your business can continue to operate with maximum efficiency, just as if you were sitting at your desk in the office.

Contact us about how to turn your dream business into a real life web-based service.

We exist to create awareness of e-technology with our services and to provide all potential Internet merchants with an opportunity to successfully and profitably retain their niche in the e-commerce world.

Dedicated Team

Direct solutions is fortunate to have a team of zealous individuals who like to be innovative all the time. This love for innovation makes them creative finders to every problem lying around the business model of their company.


We are exceptionally proud of our qualified software programmers who create programs that are in demand. In order to live with this pride eternally, we constantly train our programmers so while remaining up-to-date with the latest technology; they continue to add value to the business of both, ours and our customers.




Propriety Applications
Direct Solutions approaches custom application development from a different perspective than most companies. We built our business by developing and marketing our own proprietary enterprise applications that are now successfully deployed in scientific laboratories in a variety of industries.


E-Commerce Solutions
Choosing the right Ecommerce Solution provider is an intellectual resolution for your business growth. With our extensive e-commerce experience, we are ideally positioned to help you deliver a comprehensive and effective e-business strategy that will encompass communication, marketing and personnel issues for your company's ecommerce solution



Custom Software Development
Intensive research and intuitive experience have honed the team at Direct Solutions as experts in Custom Software Development, verticals encompassing Social and Business networking applications, Content distribution and Online advertising.


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